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All that Glitters / Interchange (July)

We were privilaged to be joined by Sally Holmes from NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) who had this to say:

I was fortunate to attend another KYDZ production that defined “teamwork” by this talented group.  This was a great evening’s entertainment, produced, directed and performed by a dedicated team of people.

This show was a story of 2 halves – the more senior members of the Company appearing in “All That Glitters” in the first half – very cleverly written and directed by Sevi Ledgard, followed by the full company (all 25 or so of them) in “Interchange” – again very cleverly written by David Knights after holding workshops with the cast.  This is an ingenious way to “develop” the members of the Company allowing them to explore their own ideas and be creative.  David, Aidan, Taigen and Georgia directed “Interchange” and the choreography was by Sevi.

Both pieces gave the audience an insight into “modern day” issues that society has to deal with.

“All That Glitters” tackled the gritty story of relationships, friendships and how things are not always what they seem (the grass isn’t always greener!).  This was quite a “grown up” subject to deal with, but these performers grasped the issue and got the message across. 

“Interchange” was again based on “relationships” – between people and also “travel” (think buses and trains) and featured a series of “scenes” tackling day to day issues that we read about in the papers, or we see on the TV or are even happening locally. 

There was a great selection of musical numbers (mostly “pop” rather than musical theatre), which were extremely well chosen to fit the storyline of both pieces.  Everyone involved in the performance gave their all and the whole cast performed all their numbers with great enthusiasm.  Once again, the musical numbers were performed to backing track – which is no mean feat, but they were faultless in their performance and there are some great vocalists in the group.

With impressive “technical” support on sound and lighting it was a great evening’s entertainment.