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*Please note that we are currently at our full capacity. If you wish to read more about Keighley Youth Theatre, please continue to read the information on this page. Optionally, you may wish to join our Waiting List by clicking here. *



Keighley Youth Theatre meets on Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm at Oakworth Methodist Church. The minimum age to join is 9 years and all Acting Members "retire" at the age of 20. Each year we do a concert (in October) and two full-length shows (March/April and July). We usually write our own scripts using pop songs and songs from musicals. It's very much ensemble rather than "star parts" so everyone gets something to do. There are lots of opportunities for singing chorus and solos (but members don't have to sing if they do not wish to).

The children are a very supportive group - we try hard to make sure they work well together, and that they feel safe to get involved however shy or confident they are. We expect them to come every week unless unavoidable (ie illness, family holidays and school events). We do a handful of extra rehearsals before shows, usually Sundays 5-8.


All Acting Members are required to pay a subscription fee in line with our Subscription Fee Policy. This is currently £7.00*/month for one child or £11*/month for two or more siblings. 

Subscription Fees are payable by Direct Debit. This protects our charity, and gives you rights as a parent (such as being fully covered by the UK banking standard Direct Debit Guarantee). Direct Debits are always taken on or around the 1st of each month. More details are available at 


At Keighley Youth Theatre we actively encourage all Acting Members to be themselves. Acting ability is not the "be all and end all" here and we have multiple Acting Members with a range of abilities. The most important thing to us is commitment. We pride ourselves on offering equal roles to all of our Acting Members, giving those that wish to sing the chance, including solos. The commitment we require needs to come from both the child and the parent(s). Attending rehearsals regularly (including additional rehearsals closer to show times) is an absolute priority for us. If you and/or your child cannot commit to this, please do not apply to join. 



*Prices correct as of 10 January 2018.